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Let's Be Treasonable!

Jul 1, 2017

While American parents like to tell their kids they could grow up to be President, the current occupant of the Oval Office seems intent on letting them know they don't have to grow up to get the job. Fortunately, the GOP has a healthcare plan that will prevent kids from growing up... heck, they may not live to be teenagers! On this week's episode of 'Let's Be Treasonable,' Cognitive Dissidents Raja Michael, "The Black Voice of Reason" Tymon Shipp, Erika Schickel, and Dr. David Robinson look into the true story (true story!) about what happens when a crap reality show host becomes President, and things start getting real. All that and a 'Burst of Durst' from the well-rested, back from vacation, five-time Emmy nominee Will Durst, and you've got yourself a weekly dose of newsy infotainment! Dig In!