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Let's Be Treasonable!

Mar 3, 2018

Trump might be the President, but it's chaos that reigns in the White House. Though we set out to talk about the Idiot in Chief's trade war, the latest White House defections, and how soon Jared Kushner will be leaving with his diminished security clearance tucked between his legs, National Anthem Day began with a guy shooting himself in the head at the White House. Fortunately, Cognitive Dissidents Michelle March, Mariya Alexander, 'The Black Voice of Reason' Tymon Shipp and Dr. David Robinson are here to make sense of it all! We tackle the issues, guns a blazin', and even make a little time to talk about our other National Holiday happening this weekend... the Oscars! All that and a 'Burst of Durst' from five-time Emmy nominee Will Durst, and you've got yourself your weekly dose of newsy infotainment! Get dosed!