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Let's Be Treasonable!

Feb 17, 2018

As the world's attention is focused on the Winter Olympics, Americans on the homefront showed what our country truly excels at - mass murder! Oh, and there was also a matter of some indictments related to Russian interference in our elections... What do they have in common? A government that refuses to acknowledge *either* problem. Fortunately, Cognitive Dissidents Lenny Shelton, Jessica Abrams, Jim Coughlin, 'The Black Voice of Reason' Tymon Shipp, and Dr. David Robinson are taking to the podwaves to acknowledge the problems and see if we can come up with some solutions! We move from sidearms to side-pieces as new revelations come out regarding who Trump was boinking before the electoral college decided to let him screw all of us... it's an action packed hour filled to the gills with your weekly dose of newsy infotainment! Get dosed!