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Let's Be Treasonable!

Jul 28, 2018

If distracting the base from the Mueller investigation merits an ALL-CAPS Twitter threat against Iran, you can bet the beginning of Paul Manafort's trial will likely lead us to get nostalgic for a time when Trump tweeted with lower-case letters. With an eye on the big stories of the week, Cognitive Dissidents Jessica Abrams, "The Black Voice of Reason" Tymon Shipp, and Dr. David Robinson spend this week's episode of 'Let's Be Treasonable' going beyond the news to examine how the Trump administration has taken the notions that ignorance is a virtue and critical thinking is something only "the elite" do and elevated them to an art... "The Art of the Stupid." We talk about the futility of "owning a Lib," (You're better off leasing with an *option* to own) and propose a new American motto to replace "In God We Trust."

It's your weekly dose of newsy infotainment... GET DOSED!