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Let's Be Treasonable!

Sep 15, 2018

When the GOP's SCOTUS nominee being accused of attempted rape isn't a big enough story to be the lead, it's good to have the original crew of Cognitive Dissidents - Jim Coughlin, Erika Schickel, "The Black Voice of Reason" Tymon Shipp, and Dr. David Robinson - in studio to try and make sense of the big events. From the flipping of Paul Manafort (Thanks for the spatulas!) to Trump dishonoring 9/11 and Hurricane Maria victims, it's been a whirlwind of wackiness... a veritable hurricane, if you will. And if that's not enough, an actual hurricane too! All that and a 'Burst of Durst' from five-time Emmy nominee Will Durst, and more in your weekly dose of newsy infotainment!

Get dosed!