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Let's Be Treasonable!

Jul 7, 2018

With another birthday passing into history, America marked this week by being hotter than any 242-year-old has any right to be. But as heat records are being smashed in California and around the nation, we're willing to concede that if climate change isn't to blame, maybe it's just so hot because so much shit has hit the fan that the fans just aren't working anymore. What was barely a deal with North Korea is falling apart, Scott Pruitt has returned to the private sector having decided he's done enough damage to the EPA, and campaigning for office and canvassing your constituents got added to the list of things you're bot allowed to do if you're Black. Sounds crazy, I know. But here in our little town of Anatevka... wait, no... in the luxurious studios of Radio Titans, Cognitive Dissidents Jim Coughlin, 'The Black Voice of Reason' Tymon Shipp, and Dr. David Robinson have gathered to shepherd you through the insanity with a consult from five-time Emmy Nominee Will Durst and this week's Burst of Durst! It's your weekly dose of newsy infotainment... Get Dosed!